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Inside the mind of a meth addict...

Anonymous started this conversation

Most people here know me enough to know I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol. I've lived with it for most of my life and I know the devastation and destruction that follows in its wake. While I am not completely innocent - I have done my share of dumb stuff when I was younger - I have learned from my mistakes before they became a real problem. Some people are not as lucky.

I know kids will make mistakes - it is a part of growing up, it is to be expected. But when that mistake becomes an all consuming part of your life, then it is time to do something about it. 

That is what meth is. An all consuming drug that will destroy your life. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from, all you need is one taste and you are hooked. One try is all it takes to ruin a lifetime. Now I don't know what the statistics are and I am sure crack is right up there with meth-just as addictive and just as  deadly - but I don't want to sit here and preach and I KNOW you don't want to hear it from me. So why not listen to the people who know what they are talking about? 

I fund a site "CRYSTAL DARKNESS" which sheds even more light on the the topic and even has a forum to post. One in particular I found was equally fascinating, and repugnant, was the blog for recovering meth users. I'm sure you will too.....


Crystal Darkness 




In my search I also found other sites:

Julie's story  - about crack addiction

real life stories about drug abuse - including ritalin (kiddie cocaine)

recovery site - for addicts, families and friends 

living with an alcoholic - while some of it is religious based - there is some good information in this article... 

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Evilbrain   in reply to lynnroe
I won't make fun or judge. I lost everything too
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"all you need is one taste and you're hooked" <-- false. Patently false. Some people aren't pathetic and won't become hooked. <--- fact.
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 in response to lynnroe...   Are you still here? I would love to hear more about your story.
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 in response to lynnroe...   

I really do think you should blog as often as you can. Personally, I want to understand. While I do not approve of your lifestyle, I want to understand what goes on in the mind and life of an addict. Having been married to a crack addict/alcoholic, I know the devastation that can happen in the lives of the people around them. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why people become and remain addicted. 

I think you have a lot to offer everyone here. While I can try to protect you from the posts on this page, there are going to be some people who will message you - which I can do nothing about. I can tell you this: people , especially myself, can get very angry with addicts. We DON'T understand. We don't understand how a drug can mean more than a child, a family, a home, or even your own life. 

I would hope that you continue to post so that we may gain some insight into your world and those of others who share in your experience. Maybe somewhere along the line, we can both learn more about ourselves and hopefully, you may experience freedom from your meth addiction. 

To those of you reading. IF lynnroe chooses to continue to post, I would hope that everyone reads her posts with an open mind. Please bear in mind this is to be a rare educational experience for everyone involved.I would hope that we can all gain some knowledge of addiction and hopefully, lynnroe may be able to find assistance with overcoming her addiction. 

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i am a 29 yr old meth addict i have been addicted to meth for almost 7 yrs my life has been a total nightmare since i started using meth. i did meth during 2 pregnancies and lost both of them to social services. my parents have my oldest daughter living in ohio,and my second girl lives with my boyfreinds brother and sister in law here in rockford IL. For the past 2 yrs i have become so addicted to meth that it has become a uncontrollable addiction. to the point where i do meth every single day(no joke) i learned how to make it about 6 in a half yrs ago but never really started cooking alot till this past 2 yrs i dont sell it i just make it for personal use. i live sleep and breath meth. it sucks!!! i keep trying to slow down and even stop but i dont know how to explain it , i just cant make myself stop using it seems like the harder i try to stop the less control i have. i have let this drug completely ruin my life in every way possible. the job i have now i am lucky to have cause my boss is a great guy and puts up with alot of shit from me calling off all the time cause i am to busy making dope or coming in late cause i was to high at first to get there on time he doesnt realize thats whats going on he just thinks i have alot of drama going on with family members which is true to. then theres my boyfriend nick we have been together for 8 yrs going on 9yrs and we were so much in love before this drug came along and came between us. i mean we still love one another but we arent in love anymore we spend most of our time apart cause  we r always high and like doing different thing when we r high so there's a big space between us that i hate. i have some really sad scary stories i would like to share with u all but i am afraid u all will post blogs of judgment and be cruel to me so i am not sure if i will blog again


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